The Juicy Life Difference

Our seasonal juices are created based on what is fresh, most delicious and available at the local market. SLO or Seasonal Local and Organic food is growing in popularity because it benefits the local economy, it benefits the local environment and best of all it benefits your local body. Our concept is based on the idea that all things are connected in perfect harmony. We choose to flow with the seasons and the environment for optimal health, minimal carbon footprint and the celebration of Mother Nature’s perfection!

Local Produce From Farmers Markets

Recycled Glass Jars That Are Good For Your Juice & The Environment

Never Heated, Treated, or Preserved

Made In Small Batches For Optimal Taste

Guided Support From The Juicy Life Coach

Convenient Delivery To Your Home or Office

Want an inside look on our juice production? Check out this video!

Benefits of Juice

A juice a day keeps the Doctor away! Juice is an easy yummy way to increase you heath. Vegetable and fruit juices provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes needed to function most effectively. It’s tough to get your daily requirements of fruits and veggies. Juice can help. You will notice an almost immediate difference in your skin, eyes and weight because juice can safely and effectively help your body rid itself of toxins. Toxins build up in our bodies due to our environment, diet, stress levels and beauty products. Toxic build up causes dis-eases like inflammation, constipation, fatigue, allergies, repeated illness, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. The nutrients in Juice are easy to absorb, convenient to consume and as delicious as they are nutritious. Give it a squeeze!

Kimberly Zimmerman, The Juicemaker

Kimberly Zimmerman The Juicy Life Coach

Kimberly’s true passion is in guiding others to a healthy mind body relationship through nutrition.

Kimberly Zimmerman is a Native Lompocian passionate about a natural approach to total body health. A graduate of The Institute of Integrated Nutrition her practice focuses on the alignment of the body, mind and spirit to achieve your body’s ideal health.


She found her career and life shift when she took her business and marketing skills to a small Living Food restaurant called Good to Go in Orange County, California. Here, Good to Go Restaurants and Kimberly served thousands of Southern Californians life giving foods from both the restaurant and the wholesale line that her and the executive team created for local health food stores. Kimberly left the Good to Go team to start the Curl Bar. Curl Bar is a Juice bar in Newport Beach, Ca. located in the Curl Fitness Facility. Here she created her first Juice and Smoothie menu and was blessed to bring a holistic approach to the Curl Fitness population. Since then she has helped numerous juice bars and yoga studios successfully launch their operations.But Kimberly’s true passion is in guiding others to a health mind body relationship through nutrition and yoga.  She has worked with dozens of clients both individually and in-group settings to help them look and feel their very best. When she is not working with clients you can find her lecturing on wellness at corporate offices, health establishments and schools. Kimberly is also a certified yoga teacher and works with private clients and teaches group classes.